I just wanted to warn the two point five one three million people who daily read this blog that I'll be going away until September. The Balkans have called for me and told me not to take any laptop, netbook, personal desktop computer or even the portable ENIAC that gathers dust in the top drawer.

The dates of my travelings will take two interesting events away from me: the presentation of the photography book Pilgrims, by Paulo Alegria, a nice friend; and the IntroComp party in the company of mister Floyd.

I hope all goes well with both these events and I'm deeply sorry I'm not there to badmouth everything.

Hugs and kisses,
16/8/2010 03:11:51 am

Sorry you couldn't make the IntroComp ceremony... if you want to check out the transcript, it can now be found at http://www.allthingsjacq.com/intfic_clubfloyd_20100802.html

Thanks for playing, voting on, and reviewing the entries!

leandro ribeiro
25/8/2010 08:11:06 pm

I had a great great great great trip, so I guess I'm not sorry ;)

I've read the transcript. Some of the discussion around some of the options around some of the games suprised me.

(and, of course, I vow to thee for having come here and warning me of the celebration recording)


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