Don't know what Interactive Fiction (IF) is? I strongly recommend Emily Short's website to find out.

I am, at the moment, trying to learn two things: Inform7 and better english (I'm a portuguese lad). With some luck I'll be able to unite both these defects into a working Interactive Fiction game. I'll put some of the results here as I finish, which means every five years or so.

Hotel Tutorial

June 2010: An open-source tutorial game for Interactive Fiction newcomers.
This game is the result of a three or so hours of work into an idea that I've already dropped. The concept was: a simple, short and guided game that would teach a first-time IF gamer the very basics of IF. The code would be written in such a way that would allow it to be inserted into any other game (let's call it the main game). The player could play this game first, and then proceed to the main game. This approach had problems that where discussed here. Side from that, a game pointed at newcomers is already in development, and Emily Short had already written an interesting tutorial extension that can be used inside any game.

So: Hotel Tutorial becomes pointless :)

It was fun to do nonetheless. Who knows, maybe one day I'll grab the idea and work it into something different. Or maybe not.
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