I don't have Windows. There, I said it.

Not that I'm a freetard-Microsoft-blind-hater or such: the thing is one day I started on Linux and I liked it.

The only way to run Windows apps in my place is either by using Wine or by running the XP Virtual Machine installed on my desktop computer. This last option is a no go at the moment, since I washed my motherboard the other day, with water and soap, then put it to dry on the microwave, minimum power, because I didn't want to cook it. Result: now it doesn't work, so I must have done something wrong. Still don't know what.

I've tried Wine, but both Peanut Orchestra and Creepmemisterzookeeper (or whatever it's called) failed to run on it. This episode made me think about the discussion around the way games are deployed, the pros and cons of interpreter vs stand-alone, about pdf files and mp3 files and flash games, about this and about that. I even thought of writing an intelligent post about it, but gave up on first draft. First, I'm not an intelligent person; second, I am an intelligent person, but I'm lazy, so I use the I'm not an intelligent person excuse to remove myself from the obligation.

Anyway, I now have two games left to play. One is already done and I'll post my opinion about it in the next few minutes or days. The other is forcing me to read a short introduction of one billion pages about the previous installment, so I guess I'll have to play episode two without knowing episode one. Luckily, no one will be around when I do this, and I won't bother a soul constantly asking "Who is that guy? Is that his father? Are they lovers? What did they steal?"

Loneliness is an unlucky guy.
12/8/2010 12:08:17 am

I managed to run Cryptozookeeper under Linux (with graphics) using the Linux Hugo interpreter. You can get it from Hugo's homepage:

Here's a direct link to the one which worked for me (statically linked, precompiled binaries):

Good luck!

leandro ribeiro
25/8/2010 08:19:20 pm

Curiously, now both Peanut and Creep run under Wine. I've upgraded my distro between tries, so that must be it.

The competition is over, but I'll give both a try anyway.


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