Been dancing (or trying to) these last few days, at an International Traditional Folk Dances Festival called Andanças. It's held near the beautiful woods of São Pedro do Sul, in the district of Viseu. Camping in the wilderness, bathing in the waterfalls of the Blue Well, learning the Scottish, the tango nuevo and the sevillanas, listening to folk concerts 'til 4 am, sweating like a pig, not showering, eating poorly, drinking badly; Oh, marvelous!

And after that, home. A sofa. Hot outside. Most of my country in flames.

So let's play games. IntroComp. Deadline. Last entry. Urray!

Fang VS Claw, by Oliver Ullmann

All Things Considered...
Once again I didn't write any notes as I played with this one. Not for the same reasons as with Memento, but because it is too damn hot. Even bad for the circuits, I think. So I'll just give it a brief summary of my thoughts.

Thought number one: Fang VS Claw has an awful title and a cuchi cuchi cover art (sorry about that, Martin Oehm).

Thought number two: the writing and implementation is solid and robust.

Thought number three: I did like the way the game was paced and divided. A liked that a lot. Everything was told as in a movie: the intro in the creature's nest; the cut to the ship's approach; the return to the creature's evolution; the jumps in the narrative; etc. It all paced well... but...

Thought number four: ... for me, an ignorant as far as episode one is concerned, most of what was happening was impossible to grasp. This didn't clamped the first story arc (the birth and evolution of the lizard thing), but it clamped the vessel approaching arc, since most of the dialog options depend on me knowing stuff about stuff and I don't know stuff about stuff. Tough luck: I slipped the angry girl a drink and everything went fine.

[+] I really enjoyed the lizard arc, that everything-around-me-destroyed-or-abandoned feel of it all, the feel of past epic events. The writing also impressed me for being solid and the story seems to be well thought.

[-] That title and that cover art*. Other than that, not much, really. The problem with me not being able to connect all the events in this intro is not the author's fault, as far as I can judge, but a result of me not having played the first part of this trilogy. Oh! I almost forgot: as an intro, it felt for me as ending in the wrong place.

So, how bad do I want to play the full-game?
I think that, more than wanting to play the full game, this Fang VS Claw intro (Really, what a title! Geezz...) made me want to play the first game. I also would like to know that this trilogy will see a fulfilling end. Ullmann obviously has a strong worthy story in his fingers. So this obviously scores high in the competition's wishes.

* And yes, I took this game last because the idea of playing something called Fang VS Claw, with that picture representing it, just pushed me away.
Oliver Ullmann
11/8/2010 07:01:31 pm

Nice review! Do play Episode 1, I am sure you will like it.

Pray, what does "cuchi cuchi" mean in this context? Were the beasties too cuddly for you?

leandro ribeiro
25/8/2010 08:17:23 pm

E1 is in my "to play" list, now that I've returned.

As for the "cuchi cuchi": err... yes :)

I think it reminded me of my notebooks from when I was a student in 5th grade or something. It points to a "kind" of writing that is not the writing of the game.


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