There (are) is* a lot to like in the super-hero universe. Well, at least I find a lot to like in the super-hero universe. I've read them when I was a kid. Spiderman was a favorite. Batman came second. I wasn't fond of X-Men, but I liked the Wolverine dark saga. But today, what I like in the masked avenger genre is how it can be twisted, turned and burned in such clever, sarcastic, and dark ways. Who's to say Alan More's Watchmen isn't a master piece?

Flight of the Hummingbird by Michael Martin

Hummingbird is a masked super-powered fella, and I can't say I'm not hoping for one of those dark takes on the genre. Or one of those clever takes on the genre. Or one of those sarcastic takes on the genre. Or one of those takes on the genre. Well, anything but the plain genre, to be honest.

Super-spoilers fly under the super-swedish-dream-boy.
But the plain genre I got. Hummingbird has powers. He has a nemesis. He is not a very high-ranked super-hero, but he gets the job done. He is not funny, but he is not dark either. The characters gave me nothing, so I was left with playtime.

I said about Divis Mortis that it almost felt like an FPS turned into text. Well, Hummingbird feels like a platform game turned into text. It is a very well done platform game, I'll give you that. But let's see: you go around, you fly around, you find ways to deal with obstacles that get in your way, you end up saving the world, you go home. And how about the writing? It is, unsurprisingly, very much like those text boxes that show up in - platform games! Don't get me wrong: it is a competent writing, given the nature of the game, it's so competent that I will go on record saying the text in Flight of the Hummingbird get's out of the way. But if I wanted text to get out of the way, I wouldn't be playing IF.

Flight of the Hummingbird is well made and solid implemented, but it bored me because it was just a game, and I don't mind much for just games when it comes to IF. Whoever does like it will probably rate this one higher, I'm sure.

* Eat your vegetables. Study your english.
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