A while back, a bloke by the name of Zack Snyder directed a little thing called Dawn of the Dead. It had an utterly jaw dropping opening sequence, but the rest of the movie went to the forgot-in-15-minutes Universe, but it brought Shaun of the Dead to my attention, which was mildly funny, but it made me conscious of Edgar Wright's existence, which by turn presented me Hot Fuzz, sheer genius of a film, that I saw with friends while getting drunk, on the day I pissed off someone of importance, that told me to go fuck myself, which I did not, but I went home play flash video-games, one of which was The Llama Adventure, by John Cooney, which is an IF short funny thing . This just goes to tell you everything is connected.

Divis Mortis by Lynnea Dally

So, a zombie apocalypse survival IF. Let's talk about that.

Spoiler monsters after the spook.
First stop: the about section: on into the author's intentions, shall we?

"The inspiration for Divis Mortis comes from my own life. I am rather fearful of a zombie attack, to the point where upon entering rooms I think about how to best barricade them, I make sure to stock up on blunt objects and canned food, and I always am running through scenarios in my head. Many of the details have come from my worst nightmares."

Now, ain't this a sweet sweet confession? I truly wish someone will make a Lynnea Dally doll, with a button in the back, that once pushed would say, in a sweet seet voice, [one of]Let's Barricade![or]Don't Forget Your Canned Foods![or]Have You Checked The Gun For Bullets?[at random].

But then the game begins and everything is just plain... vulgar. Some typos, yes, but the problem is the blank prose, filled with “yous” at the beginning of every paragraph (You see this... You are that... You noticed such... You are afraid, you are very afraid...), the vulgar “you are amnesiac” starting position,

(speaking of which, let's get a RADIOHEAD soundtrack here... there, much better)

the zombie that slowly comes to get you, and I'm here thinking to myself Real boring real soon this will be; but then, something happens.

A zombie approaches me with hunger, but I wait, and the zombie does nothing, so I look, and the zombie is not in the room's description, but I try to examine the zombie anyway, and it is there and it is a crossdresser, and I laugh, then I leave the room, go somewhere else, find a skillet, go back to the room and bash the crossdresser's head with the skillet, which was still there waiting. A darn funny bug, I tell you, and it ended up switching the fun trigger in my head, to my surprise.

So, I won't remember the game for the prose (which is a big thing for me in IF) or the setting, and it does feel like a shoot-him-up thing turned text, but it is well built and implemented, the puzzles felt natural, it unfolds with a nice flow, and the ending is... as sweet as Dally's confession, with a True Blood – The Zombie Version tone. Yes, I had fun with this one and I'm not ashamed.

Well, maybe just a little.
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