I started to dig into this IF business in May. I never played Zork. I played Monkey Island. I played Myst. At most I played Larry, the one in which the commands were in text. This year I was browsing a list of the most scary games of all time and found one called The Lurking Horror. I tried it, I didn't liked it that much, but I thought to myself that "text adventures", a big thing in the past due to technology constrains, had a huge potential to create amazing things - being part-literature and such.

So I started to search. I found a community. I found stories that I loved and others that I didn't. The first I've played was Violet. I'll never forget Violet. I loved Violet. Lost Pig left this overrated taste in my mouth. Blue Lacuna had this prose that wasn't my cup of tea, but everything else just blew me away. Photopia hooked me up. I didn't care a second for Galatea or her story, but I enjoyed Glass and that deliciously twisted little Snow White. Aisle stroke a chord. Rematch made me pull my hair off. I actually thought Pick Up The Phone Booth and Die was funny, but Pick Up The Phone Booth and Aisle was even funnier. Etcetera.

Then came Inform7 and Hooks and my will to create something. Then came the will to contribute to the community in some other way, so I decided to badmouth and vote in the IntroComp event and actually enjoyed it. Then came beta-testing, which turned out to be a great experience. And now, finally, the IF Annual Comp, my very first.

Twenty Six stories. I've betatested one of them and half of another, so I won't be saying a word about those here. That leaves Twenty Four, which is Forty Two backwards. A sign, I tell you, a true sign. I started teaching in a new school last week, so I don't know how much time I'll have to play the entries, but I'll die trying, I tell you, or at least I'll try, I tell you, or at least I'll think about trying, I tell you.

So, these next posts will be about IF Comp entries. I'll keep the reviews short, not like the IntroComp ones. I'll keep transcripts of all the games I play, so if you're an interested author just ask. These reviews will contain spoilers, but I'll put a picture in the middle to distract whoever reads them.

And that's it. First game that came in the random thingy: Lost Sheep. Here it goes.

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