Nice day. It rains. Nice rain. It wets. That guy slipped. His head is bleeding. Ah! Damn funny!

Upgraded my computer. Fresh Linux. Fresh Wine. Now Peanut and Cripto both work. Gave both a quick go. Will type quick post for both. Starting. Now.

Peanut is not a text thing. It is a classical point-and-click graphic thing. You click on things in pictures. You choose options from menus. Didn't find the pictures that interesting. Neither the text. Neither the setting.

Criptozookeeper made my eyes bleed. Well, not bleed, just wet themselves. Well, maybe not wet themselves either, just suffer a tiny bit. The conjunction (conjunction... what a word!) of shapes, oversaturated and low resolution photography (something like Phantasmagoria marries Martin Parr), and colorized text and text boxes is just not my cup o' Joes - and I don't even smoke. It distracted me so much I didn't even have a good time playing the text part. So, what I'm trying to say is that the aesthetics of Criptozookeeper don't work for me. Maybe I'll get back to it one day, when I finish covering my monitor with black tape over the pictures section.

Well, am I in a good mood today or what? Maybe It's just post-traveling depression and it will wear out in the next ten or eleven months. I'll post a tiny postcard from Bosnia to cheer the place up. Greetings.

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